Recap: Jamaican Me Hungry Cooking Workshop

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What a way to celebrate the start of summer! Last Saturday I hosted a Jamaican-themed cooking class at Hendrix in North York, and it was a fun-filled afternoon! I was expecting a class of 6-8 people, but a few of them seemed to be working on “island time” when it came to booking tickets and 12 showed up! Good thing I had enough ingredients for our delicious menu. 🙂

The welcome sign at Hendrix... love the fruits (thanks Alex)!
The welcome sign at Hendrix… love the fruits (thanks Alex)!
Now You're Cooking - Jamaican Cooking Class
Big up to the class for coming out to cook!

We started off the day making a spicy jerk chicken marinade. Next on the agenda was the dough for the homemade Jamaican beef patties. The hands-on class involved a lot of chopping for the delicious pineapple-mango salsa. Thankfully, we had some refreshing carrot juice to cool everything down.

Now You're Cooking - Jamaican Cooking Class
Prepping the pineapple-mango salsa.
Now You're Cooking - Jamaican Cooking Class
Showing the class some basic knife skills (even added some locs to my hairstyle just for the occasion)!

High point of the class was the little clothespin game where our participants weren’t allowed to say the words “spicy”, “curry” or “hot” (hard to do with a menu from the tropics). The winner of the game was Sarah, who just beat out Jennie by one clothespin and earn herself a $20 Hendrix gift card.

Now You're Cooking - Jamaican Cooking Class
Cutting out the pastry dough for the Jamaican beef patties.
Now You're Cooking - Jamaican Cooking Class
Arranging the patties for baking.

I’ll be posting a few of the recipes soon, as they went over well with everyone in the group, so stay tuned to the blog to try them at home! A special thanks goes out to my assistants Michelle and Emma, and of course Hendrix for their awesome hospitality.

Now You're Cooking - Jamaican Cooking Class
Jamaican Beef Patties ready for pick-up.
Now You're Cooking - Jamaican Cooking Class
A pretty shot of the pineapple mango salsa and jerk chicken skewers.

I’m hoping to plan another class before the official end of summer, so leave a comment below on what sort of foods you’d love to learn how to make!

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